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S&H Publishing
High Quality Fiction for the Contemporary Woman
Intelligent, curious, imaginative, and willing to learn and explore. Not defined by genre or age, she is practical one moment, dreaming the next, searching for answers on one hand and moving forward with confidence on the other.
S&H Publishing
High Quality Fiction for the Contemporary Woman
Intelligent, curious, imaginative, and willing to learn and explore. Not defined by genre or age, she is practical one moment, dreaming the next, searching for answers on one hand and moving forward with confidence on the other.



The policies actually worth reading. Shipping costs, delivery times, refunds. Short and to the point.
  • Postage: $3 per book will be added upon purchase.
  • Delivery times: 8 to 10 days (exceptions during holiday times, when it may take a little longer).
  • Returns: No individual sale is returnable.
  • Book Clubs: Any book club ordering 5 or more of the same title delivered to the same address will receive a 40% discount, but may be subject to sales tax and shipping costs will apply.
  • Bookstores: Any retail establishment that orders 5 or more books will receive the standard 40% discount. Publisher pays delivery cost. Returns are accepted but retail establishment pays the return delivery cost. Please attach a copy of your sales tax exemption certificate if applicable.

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A bit of a snooze, but the lawyer wrote it.
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Effective Date of these Terms of Use: 4/22/2016


Full of legalese, but the bottom line is we take all reasonable measures to ensure the security of your data.
  1. This policy (the "Policy") explains the privacy practices of S&H Publishing, Inc. (“S&H”, “we”) with respect to online offerings and transactions through its web site (the “Site”). S&H strives to employ industry best practices in maintaining personal or financial data in confidence, and will take commercially reasonable measures to ensure the security of the same according to this Policy.
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  5. See the Terms of Use for details regarding User Submissions to the Site.
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  • To provide you with the Site, its features and functionalities;
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  • To enforce the Terms of Use and this Policy and prevent misuse of the Site;
  • To comply with any applicable law and assist law enforcement agencies and competent authorities, when we have a good faith belief that our cooperation with them meets the applicable legal requirements.
  1. Some User Data may be considered personally-identifying information (“PII”), which we advise you to be more selective in sharing with this Site or other sites. Such PII may include personal data regarding your identity, address, telephone number, age, gender or other financial information such as banking or credit information. We will apply reasonable industry standards in storing and transmitting PII to other parties (e.g., as part of processing an order for products or services) as necessary. Our policy is to avoid storing, keeping or sharing PII or User Data other than as reasonably required to conduct the activities of the Site or your transactions through the Site. YOU SHOULD NOT UPLOAD, EXCHANGE, STORE OR SHARE ANY PII BEYOND YOUR WILLINGNESS FOR SUCH PII TO BE USED IN THE CONTEXT IN WHICH IS WAS UPLOADED, EXCHANGED, STORED OR SHARED.
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  4. S&H may change this Policy from time to time, which changes do not require your consent. It is our policy to notify you of changes to this Policy. For most Policy changes we will provide you with notice, at our sole discretion as necessary.
  5. If you have questions about this Policy, please cease using the Site and contact us at info@sandhpublishing.com